near Steeles Ave E & Kennedy Rd

These residences are four blocks of stunning architecture that includes 64-unit stacked townhouses and 8 live-work dwellings. Equipped with over 50 bicycle parking spots and a large underground parking lot, One Place Gardens offers a contemporary design that is accessible for individuals of all ages.  Each stacked townhouse includes a private rooftop amenity space and every live-work dwelling provides a commercial office-oriented space on the ground floor and residential area above.  

Situated within a three-minute drive to Pacific Mall and less than a 10-minute drive to Downtown Markham, One Place Gardens are in the heart of a dynamic atmosphere that offers something for everyone. The multicultural dynamic brings a wide array of specialties from around the world, including ethnic cuisines, attractive cafes, exotic spices, and piles of produce.  This neighbourhood is a modern and lively place to reside and explore for years to come.