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near Lake Joseph

The MacTier Home is a breathtaking residence that combines the liveliness of city living while being immersed in a recluse cottage setting. Professionally designed and decorated, the home is highlighted in its inviting open spaces that provide plenty of natural sunlight. The two-storey home includes gorgeous bedrooms, a state-of-the-art kitchen and a large living room that is perfect for entertaining guests and family alike, a large utility room, a rec room that is perfect for hosting and plenty of storage spaces that are built with the latest finishes. 


Lake Joseph is bounded on the north by Parry Sound, and it's close to Highway 7 and Highway 632. The MacTier home is surrounded by the stunningly picturesque views and natural splendour of the rugged Ontario landscape. The MacTier Home is in the middle of various amenities, including shopping, restaurants and gorgeous golf courses. This luxurious home is sure to bring a sense of relaxation and peace to anyone lucky enough to reside in it. The MacTier Home encompasses a thoughtfully designed space and a quaint cottage setting that is timeless. 

Father Playing with Daughters
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