Kensington Market Redevelopment


near Dundas St W & Spadina Ave
A new rental building in Kensington Market

The current proposal is for a 5-storey, student-focused residential rental building with 77 units and ground-floor retail space. The building provides a 3-storey base that complements the 2-3 storey buildings on St. Andrew Street and Kensington Avenue, and steps back from the base on the 4th and 5th floors. The building will feature a mix of unit sizes, with approximately 80% studios and 1-bedroom units and 20% 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom units to accommodate a variety of residents, including students and families. The design respects Kensington’s unique mixed-use character and incorporates enhancements to the public realm to contribute to the active streetscape that distinguishes this neighborhood.


A new, student-focused rental development in one of Toronto’s most vibrant neighbourhoods.


The building responds to Kensington’s distinctive character, while contributing to incremental changes around the neighbourhood.


The proposed building includes 1,400 square feet of retail space fronting onto St. Andrew Street, contributing to the mixed-use feel of the Market. With a generous setback at ground level and thoughtful additions to the public realm, the building would contribute to Kensington’s close-knit community.


The project is entirely purpose-built rental, supporting the need for rental housing in Kensington Market. With a mix of unit sizes, it would accommodate a need for student housing while offering options for families (2- and 3-bedroom units). By introducing residential and retail uses to a lot that is currently vacant, the project would animate the site’s location in the Market.


The site has excellent access to transit, bike lanes, and a bustling pedestrian environment. The new development would integrate with the surrounding transportation networks while widening the sidewalks and improving pedestrian connections to support the high volumes of pedestrian traffic on St. Andrew Street and Kensington Avenue.


The City of Toronto has scheduled two opportunities for community members to participate in the consultation process for 17 St. Andrew, Councillor Layton will be in attendance at both sessions:

  1. Community Consultation Meeting

    1. Monday, October 5, 2020

    2. 6:00pm-7:30pm

    3. Webex Events:

  2. In-person Drop-in Session*

    1. Tuesday, October 20, 2020

    2. 4:30pm-6:30pm

    3. 17 St. Andrew parking lot

*Note: the in-person session will follow guidance from public health officials at the time of the event. Masks and physical distancing will be enforced.

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Here you will find all materials submitted to the City as a part of our application.
We will also provide materials presented at community consultations.

Application for Zoning By-law Amendment
  1. Planning Rationale

  2. Sun/Shadow Study

  3. Toronto Green Standards Checklist

  4. Heritage Impact Statement

  5. Transportation Impact Study

  6. Geotechnical Study

  7. Application Form

  8. Survey Plans

  9. Architectural Plans

  10. Civil and Utilities Plans

  11. Landscape and Lighting Plans

  12. Project Data Sheet

  13. Cover Letter

  14. Draft Zoning Bylaw Amendment 569-2013

  15. Draft Zoning Bylaw Amendment FGZBL

  16. Hydrogeological Report

  17. Public Consultation Strategy Report

What are you planning for the site?

The proposed new 5-storey building would introduce 77 rental units as well as ground-floor retail to St. Andrew Street.

What kind of units would the building include?

The proposed building includes a mix of unit sizes, ranging from studio to 3-bedroom. The unit mix caters to the need for student-focussed housing in the neighbourhood.

What is the site’s history?

In October 2015 St. Andrew Poultry closed its doors, and ever since, the building at 17 St. Andrew has been vacant. We purchased the site in 2018 and are looking forward to improving it by introducing a new rental residential building.

Will there be student housing?

The proposed development is student-focussed. We anticipate that units will appeal to a variety of tenants, including undergraduate and graduate students from the University of Toronto and other surrounding post-secondary institutions. Indoor amenity space will be geared to student populations.

What will happen to the building currently on the property?

The original 2-storey commercial structure would be demolished to accommodate the proposed new building.

What are the heritage considerations?

17 St. Andrew Street is not listed or designated on the City of Toronto’s Heritage Registry. A Heritage Conservation District (HCD) Study for Kensington Market is underway and expected to go to the Toronto Preservation Board by the end of 2019.

How much car parking will be included?

While the proposed building does not include vehicular parking, there is a multi-level Green P parking structure directly across the street with 504 spaces.

Will the building include bicycle parking?

Recognizing that many residents get around by bicycle, the proposal includes 156 bike parking spaces on the ground floor and basement levels, including 144 long-term spaces for residents.

Will there be a loading area?

There will be a loading area accessed from the existing laneway immediately to the west of the site. By moving loading off of St. Andrew Street, obstructions to pedestrian movement will be minimized.

What is the timing for this project?

We submitted our development application in October 2019. We anticipate that the review process will take several months. We have also had discussions with community groups, City Staff, and Councillor Layton regarding the proposal, and will continue these discussions throughout the application process.

How can I get involved?

We welcome your general input as well as specific feedback about the proposal. Please scroll down to ask a question or provide your comments on this proposal. We will also be updating this page with events, including public meetings, where there will be opportunities to get involved and provide feedback.



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