near Trafalgar Road & Lakeshore Road East

A contemporary two-storey manor over 5,700 sqft across Lake Ontario, one of the five Great Lakes in North America.  The open to above living room provides the spacious open concept living along with the dining room to feature the perfect setting to host gatherings.  The first floor features an open kitchen that provides plenty of room to maneuver around.  It also has a wine cellar room and a convenient servery that connects the kitchen and dining room.  The second floor has four ensuite bedrooms, whereas the master bedroom includes a gas fireplace and large skylights in both the ensuite bathroom and walk-in-closet.

This home maximizes the use of glass, windows, and skylights to allow an array of natural light coming in.  The design with a flat roof for the urbanized design concept encourages diversity in building height and form across the neighborhood.  The exterior wall is finished with champagne metallic cladding tile and natural sandstone with a brushed finished.

Elmhurst Manor