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Renovating And Improving On A Modern Garden Of Paradise

We’re excited to be offering our service to the prestigious land development area encompassing Markham’s very own One Place Gardens–a place where old world charm blends with a modern lifestyle, its charming and unique community encompasses people from all walks of life.

Located at Old Kennedy Road on Steeles Avenue in Markham, One Place Gardens is an ideal location for the adventurous and vibrant. It boasts an exclusive collection of modern, urban townhomes situated within a masterfully planned urban environment, surrounded by a gorgeous courtyard and lush landscaping. It truly is a feast for the senses.

It is for this reason that we are excited to help elevate your dream home into something truly unique and truly yours–a gem set among treasure.

Is Home Improvement The Same As Remodeling?

Renovation and remodeling are among the two most frequently-used words in the private construction trades, however, there are significant differences between the two practices. The word ‘renovate’ quite literally means to ‘restore’ something to its previous state via piecemeal upgrades – tasks such as repainting or restoring elements of the building. Remodeling, on the other hand, is the process of totally restructuring a building or other piece of property with the ultimate goal being remaking it from the ground up.

Where renovation involves reviving the feel of - or repairing - a house, remodeling involves altering its entire layout and purpose. This entails entire changes to the structure of a room or the area being remodeled. Any complete redesign of the layout, structure, or the aesthetic of an area is considered a remodel.

Where Renovating Might Require Getting A Permit, Remodeling Nearly Always Does.

Since remodeling is an intensive and involved process that includes changing the structural layout of a home, a reconfiguration of the internal wiring and plumbing is usually required, which ups the cost and commitment to the project overall. Professional labor is generally mandatory in a remodel due to the specialization of some of the work involved, and material costs are often higher as well as many remodeling efforts involve constructing entirely new elements. While the final cost depends on the scope of your project, as renovations are often less complex, they are often easier on your budget.

Whether you choose to call it a renovation or a remodel, one thing remains certain: It is crucial to take care in the planning phases of your project. One of the biggest tips we offer is that when you get the ball rolling on the construction phase of your home improvement, that you pay attention to your work as it proceeds and to be sure to properly execute your vision. Be sure to also spend accordingly!

How Do I Plan A Home Improvement?

The very first step in a project such as this is to thoroughly conceptualize and develop a plan that very clearly communicates the goal of your renovation and which also includes design inspirations as well as an outline of the construction that needs to be completed.

Your project outline should also include the following:

  • Blueprints of your finished project

  • A list of hard-line choices that you want incorporated into your project

  • A clear process divided into legible steps that may or may not require you to hire a professional team to complete

The biggest parts of a project that you might take on include replacement or repair of the roof, assessment and repair of the foundation, dealing with potential water leaks, and the installation and repair of windows and siding. Larger areas within your project must be addressed and completed first, as subsequent areas of the work will be impacted by them.

Additionally, be sure to consider whether or not you are over-renovating: many homeowners are convinced that the only surefire way to increase the value of their property is to spend an excessive amount on high-end materials and finishes. However, home renovations rarely offer a $1 for $1 return. Sometimes the most simple and least expensive upgrades can give you the best returns on your investment.

For instance, according to the popular Remodel magazine, attic re-insulation can get you back as much as 117% on the investment you had initially put into it, while you can expect an approximate 92% return on the expense of replacing your garage door, and even a 91% return on the cost of replacing the front door of your house.

Among the most important tip is to keep your designers strictly on the budget you lay out. Do not allow your construction team to purchase excessively expensive materials and upcharge you for those things later. If you make an attempt to stay within a specific time frame, your costs will also end up being lower.

Want To Remodel And Renovate? We Can Do It – Give Us A Call Today!

Custom-built homes are beautiful, and require a bit of work. At Impressions, our team is more than willing to take care of the tedious tasks that come with home-building decisions, as well as provide any support, should you need it. Finding a roof perfect for you can be time-consuming, which is why we’re here to help. Get a consultation from us today!

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