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5 Questions to ask your home builder before construction

Picking the right home builder is a critical step on your journey to create your custom-built home with all the designs and spaces you have imagined. At Impressions Group, our experienced team of builders and developers will help you contrast your home the right way while giving you updates at every stage of the building process.

Assessing your custom home’s builder can open up a clear communication path that can accommodate your lifestyle with your future residence. Make sure to pick a builder that knows exactly how to make your dream home come to life!

Building a custom home is a dream come true for thousands of hard-working homeowners, including yourself! Before taking a leap and deciding on a company that you trust building your home, make sure to ask these 5 essential questions first!

Here are 5 questions you need to ask your home builder!

  1. Are you licensed and insured? If there is even a slight hesitation in the answer to this question, you know you need to look somewhere else to get your custom home built. At Impressions, we have all the most recent certifications, licenses and requirements that suffice the equivalent of Property Insurance and have extensive general liabilities documents we can show for proof. Always ensure that your builder has confirmation on all regulatory documents before commencing building your home.

  2. How do you communicate and provide service during every stage of the building process? A lack of communication is one of the biggest complaints that homeowners have about their builders. At Impressions Group, we ensure that we respond to your questions and queries promptly, as we understand the magnitude of your project that involves a large financial undertaking. Given the prevalence of advanced technologies in 2021, we are always ready to communicate the progress of your home while offering you accurate timelines and other essential information to help you move forward.

  3. Can I see some of your references? While you can do your own research and read online reviews, the best way to see the building’s previous work is to get a clear understanding of the quality of work being involved. Additionally, you can see if their previous work aligns with the future expectations of your custom home and can further expand on how important customer satisfaction is to the company as a whole.

  4. What is included and what is NOT included in the initial quote you provided me? You need to understand detailed pricing down to the last penny. While there are numerous items that are included in the total cost of building a home, there may be some gray areas that you will need to be absolutely sure about. We explain to you our pricing on surveying, construction plans, home insurance, permit fees and everything else that may not be clear. We will help you understand what you’re paying for so that there are no negative surprises upon completion of your project.

  5. How will you ensure that my home will be energy efficient? It’s essential to invest in a custom home that will be energy-efficient, and won’t rack up your monthly bills every month. Ensure that you ask your builder what features will be implemented to help you save on electric, gas and water consumption. Further, ask them about their process of window insulation and the installation of HVAC systems that can benefit your family’s comfort and your wallet year-long.

Choose a qualified and reputable custom home builder - choose Impressions Group!

You’ll be working with your home’s builder for a good number of months, it’s certainly worth doing your research and asking the right questions. At Impressions Group, you can always rely on us to provide you with the most honest and accurate information to help you prepare for the commencement of your home.

We’re committed to exceptional customer satisfaction and will create a beautiful home for you and your family. Contact us today to get started!

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