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Be floored by your flooring | Choose the best custom home builder to give you the best details!

Floors have the ability to impact your life. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party in the dining room, doing yoga in the den to unwind from your busy day, or entertaining the neighbourhood kids in your kitchen, you need a surface that speaks volumes about your own individual home’s style!

As an artisan custom home builder, we take in your current lifestyle and your most desired colour palettes and patterns to make your dream of creating your home truly come alive! Since the floor is usually the largest surface in a room, it lays the foundation for the whole room’s look, so you don’t want to take any shortcuts when it comes to picking out the right design. Let our reliable group home builder engulf you in all the possibilities of your home’s flooring and give you exactly what you’ve been searching for.

What are my flooring options?

Improved technology and manufacturing means that flooring options are better than ever, with multiple colours, textures and patterns available in every material. Here are just a few flooring options you should consider, and the benefits they can bring to your home:

Solid Hardwood

  • Comes in a myriad of colours and finishes, so choosing your perfect solid hardwood won’t be difficult

  • Can be stain and spill-resistant when finished with the right finish

  • Is hypoallergenic and extremely easy to clean

  • May reduce drafts and lower energy bills due to high insulation properties

  • Will spike your home’s resale value

Ceramic, Porcelain and Stone Tile

  • Offers consistent colour throughout the tile, not just on the surface

  • Easy to repair, as you only have to replace the damaged pieces and not the whole surface

  • Can be installed outdoors on patios, around pools and will not be damaged by sunlight

  • Requires little to no maintenance

  • Is an attractive option for all ranges of rooms from kitchens to basements to hallways


  • Scratch-resistant and extremely durable

  • Installable over most existing floors

  • Quick and easy to install

  • Great on a tighter budget, as it is more cost-effective than porcelain and hardwood

  • Easy to clean and stain-resistant

Vinyl Planks and Vinyl Tiles

  • Great at shock absorbency and standing for long periods of time

  • Available in a variety of colours as well as realistic patterns and textures

  • The best choice for families that have small children and pets because it is extremely durable and scratch-resistant

  • Waterproof, so it’s a fantastic choice for bathrooms and kitchens

  • Available in peel-and-stick vinyl tile for an easy DIY that can save you on overall costs

What are some things you should consider before installing your flooring in your custom-built home?

Because we’ve been in the custom-built home business for the last decade, we can help you install the right flooring for your current lifestyle and one that can accommodate your plans for the future. First, we suggest you buy 10% more flooring than what you think you’ll need, which will give you some wiggle room for mistakes and bad pieces. Plus, you can have a little extra for any future repairs.

Second, note whether the area where you’re placing the flooring will have direct heat or sunlight. Some flooring materials are not compatible with heat, and you don’t want the colour of your flooring to fade over time.

Third, consider if the location of the flooring will get a lot of moisture. It’s one thing to install flooring in the basement, and another to install it in the kitchen where there’s loads of natural light. Think about what areas are susceptible to moisture, and go from there. As always, we are here to advise you on the best options to make your flooring work the best for your home!

Thinking about building your custom-built home? Flooring is an integral part of the process!

Whichever flooring option you choose, our professional and reliable team at Impressions is here to ensure that your custom home has its perfect flooring. We can help you decide on flooring options that are within your budget and still work with your current and future needs. It’s time to give us a call today!

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