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Create a home that is the perfect space for your future memories | Luxurious custom-built homes

You’re in charge of the vision. We’re in charge of making it happen.

The Impressions Group is a team of dedicated and experienced developers and builders that has delivered projects all across Ontario. Whether you’re in the market for a luxury residence in Toronto with all the custom-designed features and finishes, or you’re looking for a family home in a reputable community, you can rely on us with confidence.

Your future family memories should be thoughtfully represented in intricately designed functional living spaces, generously sized bedrooms and decadent kitchens with large prep areas and large islands, and formal dining room spaces with an intimate dining atmosphere. Just as you’re excited for your future in your custom-designed home, we are excited to bring your vision to fruition with our custom-built homes in the GTA.

Our main goal is to ensure you love your home!

They say the grass is greener on the other side, but what if you want a modern and inviting patio instead?

Our team tailors your home to your needs. If you want your home to accommodate your growing family, we are happy to assist you with your desired requirements for safe baby space, or an open-concept living room to ensure your child’s safety 24/7. Our combined team of design and construction experts provide the right planning and budgeting, with no surprises that leave you questioning your financial matters. Experience a positive and rewarding adventure in building your dream home while integrating your personal touch.

We build more than just homes. We create beautiful communities.

Our business revolves around making our clients happy through established custom-built projects in the Greater Toronto Area. We understand that you are trusting us with a large investment that you have saved to create your perfect home - we can guarantee you that we will work tirelessly to match your esteemed concept with reality.

We are in the business of creating beautiful custom homes, but our main priority is to grant you the highest customer satisfaction. While the costs involved are arguably higher in building your home rather than renovating certain spaces, the rewards are much higher. We align our own interests with you throughout every step of the process, from the initial drawing stages and construction, ensuring that the development is on schedule and worry-free.

Building a custom home is a complicated project that requires many steps and qualified experts. Our combination of design and construction members can walk you through every step of the renovation process, and regularly update you on the development of your project.

We are fully insured!

Construction projects involve large financial undertakings, and that is why we have taken specific and detailed measures to ease your stress. We have all the required insurance coverages, permits and other regulatory protocols to give you peace of mind, and allow you to focus on your exciting new home project.

Our experienced builders will be applying for building permits to your local Committee of Adjustment to ensure the green light on your property. Through proactively applying for the required permits, it will save you time and effort from the complexities of building regulations, while guaranteeing you will have a positive experience knowing your home will be built to your standard.

Celebrate the art of fine living with the Impressions Group! | Luxurious custom-built homes and properties

Experience the Impressions Group advantage of fully being taken care of while your property is being created to your standards. For complete project details, including deposit structure, renderings, features and finishes, pricing, and floor plans, please contact our team to discuss your options. We look forward to collaborating with you and bringing your vision to life.

Your perfect home doesn’t have to be a dream any longer! Contact us today and begin development on your ideal home!

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