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Increased Concrete Forms: The Industry-Changing System to Build Your Home

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

At Impressions, we don’t just build homes. We build communities.

Our top priority has always been to give you the residence of your dreams on budget and on time. The Sandwood Cottage is just one of the many examples in which we use strong Amvic Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) blocks to construct our projects, continually providing our clients with durable and energy-efficient systems for decades to come.

How Insulated Concrete Forms are Better For Homeowners

You have trusted us to construct you a custom-built home to the highest standards. Amvic products are suitable for several design types that will complement the overall aesthetic and design of your project without compromising the premium quality of the ICF infrastructures. All Amvic ICF blocks provide excellent insulation to reduce the energy required to heat a home in the winter and to cool the home in the summer. For homeowners, this means reduced energy bills, higher monthly savings and a diminished carbon footprint.

We want you to live in your residence and make lasting memories while experiencing optimal thermal comfort range. ICF blocks provide your home with enhanced moisture control that prevents mould and mildew from accumulating inside the walls of your residence while providing air-tight insulation year-round. Additionally, all homes that are constructed with exceptional Amvic ICF blocks have improved sound attenuation for a quiet and comfortable space.

What are the benefits of using ICF blocks in building your home?

ICF structures, with superior EPS insulation, means that your home will be an air-tight infrastructure that has continuous insulation and a decreased risk of entry for pollen, dust and pollution. Amongst these exceptional factors to building your house using these systems, there are numerous advantages you should consider:

  • Higher energy-efficiency

  • Increased indoor air quality

  • Exceptional sound barrier

  • Reduced mould and mildew growth

  • Disaster resilient structures

  • Reduced monthly utility bills

Benefit from ICF Blocks Long-Term and Save on Monthly Energy Bills

The Amvic ICF block is a cost-effective structure that adds an elite constructional value to any project. As a cost-effective structure that adds an elite constructional value to any project, the block consists of a combination of patented FormLock™ interlock and the reversible system makes this block readily available for a fast and easy installation while reducing job site waste. As a homeowner, the ICF blocks are the perfect selection for limitless design possibilities.

Amvic’s progressive and reversible ICF blocks are among the toughest on the market with intricately designed webs that create a poured concrete monolithic wall, making it faster and easier to build. Some cost-effective advantages include:

  • Less energy is required to heat and cool your home year-round

  • Fewer internal structural leaks which can lead to expensive repair costs

  • Resistance to climate-based temperature fluctuations

  • Tenacious and durable material that can be integrated into a variety of different home constructions and designs

How Insulated Concrete Forms are Better For Builders and Developers

Amvic products are manufactured to last, and our team at Impressions Group holds that notion to the highest standard. We purchase Amvic ICF blocks as a means of investing in the total cost of ownership of the products as well as the high Return on Investment (ROI) it will hold. As customer satisfaction is our top priority, builders can speed up construction and work ahead of timelines to achieve an earlier date of completion for your home.

While Insulated Concrete Forms are our top choice for building our infrastructures, we also are aware of the positive impact they have on the environment. Because of their durability, ICF blocks result in less breakage over time and higher energy efficiency for homeowners and builders alike. The combination of recycled materials and energy savings is what continually helps us choose these structures for past, present and future design projects.

Construct your dream home with powerful Amvic ICF systems

As a homeowner, you’re always looking for affordable ways to enhance your home’s efficiency while reducing your carbon footprint. Building with ICF systems requires less HVAC input, meaning that construction costs are reduced by nearly $2,000. The larger the energy savings, the more savings you will experience every month.

Are you ready to begin construction on your dream home? We are a step ahead with remarkable Amvic ICF systems that will give you the space you’ve always wanted with added elite manufacturing quality.

View our recent ICF projects!

Call us today to get started and speak to one of our professionals at (905) 477-3330!

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