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Should you rebuild or renovate your home? Choose the choice that makes sense for your budget!

You want an upgraded kitchen but you also want a bigger backyard. You want a finished basement but also want to be closer to all the great schools for your kids. You have two great options at your disposal - you either renovate or rebuild. As an Artisan custom-home builder, we can help you decide on which option is right for your lifestyle while giving you a great quote to stay within your budget.

As group home builders, we have helped hundreds of individuals love their homes. We want to enjoy your space, whether that’s by adding a granite countertop to amaze your guests or creating a timeless living room that you just want to always be in! We are a confident team of builders and developers that strives to give you the perfect home. Expect on-time construction within your budget without compromising the quality of the craftsmanship involved.

Not sure where to start? Impressions Group is always available to assist you with deciding which option is best suited for your lifestyle. Contact us for an affordable quote today!

Looking to renovate your home? Start with our home renovation services today!

Remodelling is the best choice when it comes to improving your living arrangements while not wanting to leave the location you have grown to love. You might be thinking of renovating as a means of a better fit for your growing family or creating a space that better fits your current and future lifestyle.

Renovating doesn’t have to involve your whole home - sometimes it’s just remodelling your kitchen and getting that granite countertop that you’ve had your eye on for the last decade. Sometimes, it can be converting a spare room into a home office to accommodate your remote arrangement. Here are just some of the advantages of choosing to renovate your space:

  • Expanding your home’s space

  • Increasing your home’s value if you are preparing to sell in the future

  • Adding new energy-saving features that will reduce your monthly bills

  • Tailoring your space to meet your current needs.

Looking to custom-build your home? Start with our dedicated developers!

You might love your home, but it just doesn’t suit your current needs anymore. When your house is in bad shape - whether the foundation is becoming weaker or the upgrades are just starting to be more and more expensive - it’s time to consider building a brand new home!

If you love your home’s current location and its proximity to everything you love but it’s not structurally sound anymore, a tear-down is in order. Building a new custom home from the ground up gives you endless opportunities to create the type of residence that you have always dreamed of. Additionally, it allows you to take full advantage of installing the most energy-saving appliances so that you can save thousands of dollars in future years. These are the best reasons to custom-build your own home today to:

  • Create your own unique vision while implementing your own style and patterns

  • Having the peace of mind knowing that your home will be up to the most updated construction codes and have the best features to save you money continuously

  • Maximize your current lot size to create your dream home

So should you renovate or build new?

If you’re teetering between deciding to renovate your home or creating a custom-built home, you should take into account some important factors including:

  • The value of getting exactly what you want vs. what is available on the housing market within your budget;

  • The location of your current home - if you love your location, maybe renovating is the better option;

  • The real costs of selling and moving your current home, like realtor fees, property transfer tax and the cost of moving your items from one place to another.

  • Is your home’s current foundation stable or does it need a drastic change?

Whatever your reasoning behind choosing to spruce up your space, our trained team can give you experienced insight on the best approach while giving you the best quote on the market!

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