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Buying Your First Custom-Built Home? We Got Everything You Need to Know!

Creating your own house gives you the opportunity to envision and create the best living environment for you and your family. When you work with our professional custom-built home developers, you will be able to see every step of the process from beginning to end.

We can provide you with the right guidance, you’ll find that planning to build your home can be simple! As experienced artisan home custom builders, we can give you that incredibly rewarding experience of designing your home, while we take care of all the details.

Whether you’ve already made up your mind or just considering the options, The Impressions Group team can help you discover all the possibilities of your future home! Here are some of the things you should consider before, during and after the custom-built home process!

Do I need a home inspection on a custom-built home?

We are big believers that all of our clients should be able to live in the perfect home that they have envisioned, and that means setting up an inspection to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Inspectors can find many things that a builder or developer might have overlooked, some issues that may even cause problems down the road. Our team understands that you have just invested in a large financial purchase, and hiring an inspector is like the cherry on top of the sundae. They have the ability to give you honest feedback about your new home and advise you on further improvements if needed.

How do you know if your custom-built home will be big enough for your family?

Whether you’re constructing your custom-built home to accommodate your growing family, or need more space to expand your lifestyle, start by asking yourself how much space you will need. Start by considering where you might need the extra space - do you need a large driveway to park your oversized vehicles? Or do you need a large mudroom for your children and guests?

The simple way of deciding how much space your will need is to think about where you and your family love spending time the most. By prioritizing the areas that you spend the most time in, you will be able to plan your custom-built home that suits your lifestyle, and not the other way around.

Where do I start with picking out a style and design for my custom-built home?

You’ve probably been envisioning what your home is going to look like for a while now. But where do you start with designing your space? Start small by brainstorming some ideas and by compiling a list of features you want to be included in each room. Imagine if these design ideas will accommodate your family for the future and if the elements will all be able to flow together cohesively.

When choosing the type of home you want to build, considering a smart floor plan is a must. Aside from mandatory plumbing and electrical layouts, we can help you highlight important areas that are meaningful to you. Also, instead of designing your home with the ‘right now’ in mind, consider designing with a 10-year perspective. If plans change, you can always switch up your original design!

Choose a qualified and reputable custom home builder - choose Impressions Group!

You’ll be working with your home’s builder for a good number of months, it’s certainly worth doing your research and asking the right questions. At Impressions Group, you can always rely on us to provide you with the most honest and accurate information to help you prepare for the commencement of your home.

Choose our professional to deliver exceptional customer service and give you the home of your dreams.

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