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Essential Features for Your Home in the Winter - Stay Warm with Luxurious Amenities

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

We love Canada, and along with our adoration for our country, comes the acceptance of the harsh winters that inevitably come with it. Our custom-built homes in Ontario are constructed to be tailored to winter climates while keeping you cozy and warm inside.

When the temperature drops, there is nothing better than drinking hot cocoa in your new home that you have crafted yourself with our experienced real estate developers. We can recommend some of the best amenities to include in your custom-built home to ensure that your home will remain comfortable throughout the winter while keeping within your budget. Add some well-thought-out structures and systems to your home and make it an unforgettable interior experience when the winter arrives.

A cozy fireplace

The fireplace has been a focal point in the living room for hundreds of years, and for the winter, it’s absolutely essential to keeping you warm. While it serves as the heart of your residence, it’s also a great way to gather the family together and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Whether you choose to add a large stone fireplace or an extravagant marble fireplace, our team of builders can help you implement the perfect hearth for your lifestyle. Take a bold approach to keeping warm year-round and invest in a glamorous fireplace for your custom-built home!

Lavish vaulted ceilings

While the fall Daylight Savings gives us the luxury of an extra hour of sleep, it also robs us of sunlight an hour earlier. Let the natural light in and give your home a cozier feel with a vaulted ceiling that can be adorned with skylights that will open up your ceiling space.

Vaulted ceilings are essential during the dropping temperatures because they help keep your house warmer, while the heightened ceilings will add an atmosphere of timeless elegance and timeless design.

Functional heated floors

No matter how well-heated your home is in the winter, your floor can still be cold to the touch - the solution is installing radiant heat coils underneath the floor to keep your toes toasty. Heated floors have become a prominent installation in custom-built homes for the last few decades, optimizing comfort across North America.

Choosing to upgrade your flooring to heated tiles can be affordably integrated inside your custom-built home or your already existing residence. While rubber and concrete flooring will not have the option to implement the heating, tile, stone, hardwood and manufactured wood are all great options!

Opting for a metal roof

Metal roofs are easily becoming the favourite choice for North American homeowners, as they have a low environmental impact, are extremely durable and affordable and can keep your home’s heat in better than asphalt shingles. Additionally, if a snowstorm hits, metal roofs are less costly to repair and rarely spring leaks when the snow melts.

Metal roofs are a viable investment that can instantly increase your home’s market value. If you’re thinking about creating your own custom-built home, we highly recommend implementing a reliable metal roof that is beneficial year-long.

You can choose luxury and exquisite craftsmanship within your budget!

Winter is almost here, and your home will be ready to embrace the cold with luxurious amenities and features to keep you cozy. At Impressions Group, we can help you install the best features for your home that will be within your budget and professionally implemented with superior craftsmanship.

If you have been thinking about living in a custom-built home that is everything you’ve always dreamed of or would like to add a large addition to your already existing home, our experienced team can make it happen. Keep your home and wallet warm this winter, and contact us for an affordable quote today!

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