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Why custom-built is a better investment than a pre-existing home | Toronto Real estate Developers

The prospect of having your home built is exciting, and our real estate developers in Toronto can help you have a successful build while ensuring that all area protocols and regulations are legal. Our custom-built homes in Markham and the surrounding Greater Toronto areas have the highest degree of personalization that truly makes your home unique.

So why is a custom-built home the right choice for you? We explain why building your own home is a much better investment than buying a pre-existing home and to help you get started on designing your dream house!

Why should I build a custom home?

You might have been searching the housing market for affordable homes to buy, but the prices keep rising. A custom-built home gives you the freedom to choose your budget and all the small details you have always imagined. You get the full flexibility of building your home to accommodate your family’s needs and lifestyles while having the peace of mind that your home is built to the highest standard.

Building a home is energy-friendly

The most significant environmental consideration for homebuyers is the financial aspect, with over 84% of owners prioritizing heating and cooling bills.

Newer homes are more energy-efficient than older homes because they are built to different standards. A custom home will have numerous energy-efficient features that include appliances, lighting and landscaping. In addition to saving you money, you will also lower your carbon footprint and protect important natural resources. Choose to go green and invest in your custom-built home that will positively impact your family, wallet and the environment!

You avoid expensive renovations

There is no need to worry about taking time off work to remodel an existing home; your custom-built home is made using incredibly durable products, as our developer and engineering teams are equipped with the latest building certifications.

Appliance upgrades and adding an extra room to your home can result in a sky-rocketed amount that you didn’t include in your initial budget. Save your costs and invest in an expert-built home that will have a better resale value than an older home.

You choose where to build your home

With so many prominent and phenomenal neighbourhoods in Southern Ontario, you will want to choose a home that is in the heart of it all. The freedom to build in your preferred location is a possibility if you already have land, plan on purchasing land, love new-home communities or have been eyeing a particular neighbourhood to raise your kids.

Choosing your own location means that you can choose that shorter commute to work that will save you an hour in driving, or picking the area with the most established restaurants. Whatever your lifestyle is, your home can mimic your needs and further integrate the surrounding neighbourhood for your success.

You come with a vision, we come up with a plan

How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want? Would you like an entertaining space? What is your specific style? Our years of experience in the custom building industry have allowed us to complete projects that are as unique as the individual. We understand that you have saved and planned for your dream home for years, and that is why it is always our highest priority that we implement every detail of your vision.

We can give you a general guide on how the progression of your project runs, give you realistic material and labour costs and stay within your budget. Collaboratively, we will design and create your home that exceeds your expectations.

We love when you participate in the process

Building a home is a wonderful and exciting endeavour, and with Impressions Group, you will always stay up to date on the progress and decision-making. We will answer any questions you may have, visit the site at the end of each stage of construction and walk the rooms. Additionally, you will be able to make any changes during the framing stages, preventing any costly and problematic occurrences later on in the development of your home.

Love your custom-built home in Toronto and experience the luxury of your own designs

Hard work and attention to detail are what drives our team to deliver spectacular results. Our dedicated teams of engineers, developers and craftsmen can help you create the home you’ve always dreamed of while staying true to your design and budget.

Contact us today to speak to one of our experts and experience the luxury of your own custom-built home!


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